Alberti e Santi: Sponsor and Protagonist of the Olimpiadi Verdiane

Alberti e Santi proudly renews its role as sponsor of the Olimpiadi Verdiane, the itinerant amateur sports event that animates the historic centre of Busseto.

The Olimpiadi Verdiane are not just a competition, but an opportunity for people of all ages to get together. The streets of the town are transformed into a stage for playful and recreational challenges, where participants try their hand at various disciplines, creating moments of great sharing and collaboration. Alberti e Santi fully captured the spirit of the event, actively participating with its team in the competitions and creating unforgettable team-building moments.

The Olimpiadi Verdiane perfectly embody the values that Alberti e Santi pursues with dedication: fun, respect and sportsmanship. The event represents a unique opportunity to strengthen the sense of belonging to the territory, promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and convey to the new generations the importance of play as a tool for personal and social growth.

Alberti and Santi reaffirms its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote the values of well-being, sociality and respect for the territory, thus contributing to the growth and development of the local community.