Alberti e Santi increase their equipment

Intermodal Transport is one of the most used modes of transport by Alberti e Santi; it uses loading units (swap bodies or containers) that can be easily transferred to different means of transport (such as ships, trucks and trains) to be taken to their destination.

Intermodal transport has many advantages:

  • it provides for the integration of different modes of transport, making it more efficient;
  • it allows the loading of more weight for the same size;
  • the goods are not handled during transhipment;
  • it offers favourable rates on long distances;
  • good for the environment

In the last year Alberti e Santi has purchased more than 100 units including tarpaulin swap bodies and boxes, bringing its fleet to well over 200 units owned.
This is also to cope with the increasing unavailability of road vehicles.

Alberti e Santi has over 20 years’ experience in intermodal transport, the safest and most differentiated mode of transport to and from all major European countries:
– United Kingdom
– Ireland
– Belgium
– Holland
– Germany
– Poland

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