Alberti e Santi renews certification as a member of Fedespedi

Fedespedi is the trade association that represents and protects the interests of almost all international forwarding companies. Over the years, Fedespedi has received numerous consensuses and its representativeness has consistently increased.

The service available to members has grown over time and today the organisation has the following functions:

  • To promote the analysis, knowledge and solution of the problems inherent to the category, in order to be able to improve its efficiency and profitability;
  • To establish and maintain appropriate links with national, foreign and international institutions;
  • To represent the associated forwarding companies in relations with authorities, central or local government organisations, public or proven institutions and third party bodies;
  • Protecting the nature of the activities carried out by member companies, improving and disseminating their image, representing their interests in the legislative and regulatory, social, economic, trade union, financial, tax and insurance fields;
  • Promoting publicity, debates, conventions, training and refresher courses, workshops and seminars.

The Federation also provides a number of services: insurance assistance, legal assistance, customs assistance, tax assistance, social security assistance, trade union assistance, technical assistance, conventions, training and financial services.