Coronavirus: Free movement of goods

With the Prime Ministerial Decree of 9 March, the Italian government extended a “Protected Zone” to the whole country, where people can only move for work or health reasons, while goods can move freely throughout the country and to the whole world.

Alberti e Santi has immediately implemented smart working in all Italian offices so that we can continue to work and provide our service even in these difficult times.

Alberti e Santi always keeps safety and customer satisfaction as a focal point of its activities, that’s why all our drivers have masks and gloves from day one and we are pushing more than ever our Intermodal Service with Unaccompanied Units.


With over 200 owned swap bodies and containers (20″ / 40″ / 45″) we can provide the safest and most differentiated transport to and from all major countries such as:

  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Belgium and Holland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain and Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Poland

Quotations and further information can be obtained by writing to