SKM became part of the Alberti and Santi Family

Alberti e Santi closed out 2022 with the news of the acquisition in the A&S group of SKM & SON Haulage.

This is good news for A&S, which is able to bring into its group a transport company such as SKM & SON Haulage LTD, based in Grays (West Thurrock, Essex – United Kingdom), specializing in containers and swap bodies, nonetheless the first supplier until 2022 of Alberti e Santi for towing in the UK.

Steve Magney founded SKM in the 1990s, starting with 2 trucks and 3 trailers transporting construction materials such as bricks and sand across the country.

Business was steadily growing, with Steve continuing to increase the volume of his traffic by adding trucks and trailers whenever possible; this was compounded by the fact that Danny (his son) was entering the working world after his school career, and because he loved trucks and logistics, he joined the company in 1994.

SKM continued growing by making domestic deliveries with UK customers, while Danny, learning from his father, took a management role in the company.

With the advent of Covid, SKM & SON Haulage experienced a challenging period; with a workforce of 10 drivers and 4 employees, Danny sought to open the company’s horizons to work with Ports and on International Traffic as well.

Neil Emery (UK General Manager of Alberti e Santi) contacted Danny during that year and asked him to take care of the pulls for some of Alberti e Santi’s multi-drop swap bodies, thus starting a partnership with 2 drivers from SKM & SON who worked weekly for the A&S UK office in Maidstone.

To date, all SKM drivers make deliveries for Alberti and Santi, covering about one-third of all incoming volume at the Port of Purfleet.

In 2022, Danny Magney, Neil Emery, and Stefano Alberti began talking about the possibility of joining forces, as both companies saw potential in the other half to add that something that was missing in order to continue growing in the UK as well.

Both companies are family-owned and share the same values, above all of them the value of human relationships; this played an important role in creating an immediate feeling between Danny and Stefano.

On December 31, 2022, the final agreement was signed: SKM became part of the Alberti and Santi Family, with the first re-branded trucks officially hitting the road in the past few weeks.