Social Report 2021

Alberti e Santi has presented the Sustainability Report for the year 2021, continuing the commitment made, with the belief and the awareness of the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

During 2021, Alberti e Santi achieved important results by implementing strategies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, both at the road transport level and by growing the use of intermodal service as a form of transportation.

The expansion of the intermodal service was accomplished by, among other things, purchasing 107 new swap bodies (+45% compared to 2020), a sign of the direction of Alberti e Santi has taken, with the handling of such a large number of extra bodies, resulting in a small increase in CO2 emitted in proportion.

The 2021 Sustainability Report from Alberti e Santi, is an overview of the activities and the results, containing relevant information on the economic, environmental, and social impact that Alberti e Santi’s activities has on both the territory and the community.

Download Social Report 2021