Vintage trucks, in spring the first regularity race in Italy in the “Terre Verdiane” area

Organised by two Piacenza-based companies. Entries by 30 April

Cortemaggiore (Piacenza), 24 March 2017 – A tour along roads rich in history and flavours, from Cortemaggiore to Fidenza, passing through Sant’Agata, Zibello, Busseto and Roncole Verdi, before returning to Fiorenzuola d’Arda. The territory of the “Terre Verdiane” (Piacenza and Parma) will be the protagonist of the first regularity race for trucks in Italy.

In May, on Saturday 27th, fans of vintage trucks will be able to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience by taking part in the event “Dal giocattolo alla realtà” (From toy to reality) organised by the Piacenza-based haulage companies Alberti & Santi and Fratelli Cattadori.

THE COMPETITION – For the first time in Italy a regularity race is dedicated to vintage trucks. During the competition, participants will have to respect times and criteria set by a jury in order to complete a specific route on a road open to traffic. Reliability, punctuality and service are the three essential qualities for safe and efficient transport.

This is why the regularity test is so important: it is not just a matter of arriving, or being first, but of arriving in the best possible way, respecting the rules of the game and the established route. The aim is to take part in a risk-free competition and, not least, to drive while fully appreciating the values of the vehicle being driven. With this competition, participants will have the opportunity to challenge each other and compare notes in a convivial and carefree atmosphere of rivalry, where enthusiasm and passion will frame the parade of historic vehicles. The winner will be the one who, throughout the entire route and the various trials, will respect the established times and make fewer mistakes than the theoretical passage, all in compliance with the rules of the Highway Code.

“Culture, tradition and territory – explained Stefano Alberti, CEO of Alberti & Santi – are the three drivers of innovation in which two Piacenza-based companies have decided to invest in order to take a “step forward” towards what will be the future of logistics and, at the same time, they are the “ingredients” of the event “From toys to reality”, a real educational project, aimed at raising awareness among the new generations, and not only, of the importance of transport in the Italian economy”.

I grew up amidst the “scent” of oil and with a strong passion for trucks,” says Piero Zavattaro, promoter of the event for Alberti & Santi, “which I cultivated in my everyday working life and which has become a passion through the AITE and CICS associations, committed to safeguarding the memory of means of transport that have made the history of our sector.

Franco Cattadori, owner of the Fratelli Cattadori company, echoed Zavattaro: “My brother Carlo and I have made the same passion for trucks the profession of a lifetime, through both transport companies and authorised workshops. It is the same passion that I have found in Alberti & Santi and that has prompted me to be the promoter of this event”.

Among the promoters of the event, in addition to the companies and municipalities involved in the tour, are the C.I.C.S. (Circolo Italiano Camion Storici) and A.I.T.E. (Associazione Italiana Trasporti d’Epoca) associations. (Italian Association of Vintage Trucks).

it is necessary to register no later than 30 April, giving the organisers time to finalise the final organisational details. The registration form for the race and all the technical/logistical information, including the regulations, can be found on the website CLICK HERE | Facebook


Alberti & Santi

Fratelli Cattadori