Brexit – still no deal, but we are ready!

As is now well known to all concerned parties as of 23:00hrs on the 29th of  March, Great Britain will officially cease to be a member of the EEC; if as it is strongly believed there should be an exit without there being in place a trading agreement between the two parties i.e. A Hard Brexit  the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be immediately treated as a third party Country. Therefore to this effect all goods being sent to or from the UK ,will have to be subject to customs clearance procedures.

In addition, some products – such as plant and animal products in particular – will also need to be declared to the authorities so that sanitary or phytosanitary certificates, to confirm the product is safe to be consumed or, in the case of plants that they are disease free will be required on entry to the UK.

In view of this, Alberti e Santi is accelerating its plans to finalize (by the 28th of February) the organization of a customs office physically within its structure in Italy and thereby being able to provide both full export and import customs clearance procedures.

In Great Britain, we are and have been working, with an important partner with at least  twenty years experience in the field of customs clearance procedures, thereby we will be able to guarantee these services to all of our UK clients currently involved in Import and Export shipments between the UK and Italy.

These measures will allow Alberti e Santi to be able to offer a premium custom clearance  service to its clients with high levels of professionalism and maintain a level of service for between two countries which over the years we have come to be regarded as both a market Leader and Number 1 carrier all of this even in the face of an uncertain scenario as we find ourselves at this special and very delicate  moment in time of the Brexit negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of how you should be preparing your Company and organising your administrative procedures related to the import or export of cargo from and to Europe.

In order for us to be able to complete Customs Clearances for your shipments, we will need that all of the documents mentioned below are sent to us prior to the loading of your cargo. We will of course try to get back to you with exact deadlines and finalised documents, but it will inevitably become more difficult to carry out last minutes changes to shipments:

Invoice and packing list should include:-

• Shipper, Consignee & PO Number

• Value of goods / Currency

• Country of origin of the goods

• Net/Gross weight / Number Of Packages

• Commodity code

• Delivery Terms – Incoterms

EORI numbers for both shipper and consignee (EU + UK) please note that you might need to apply for an EORI number. Importers and Exports under the VAT threshold will still need to obtain an EORI. The UK EORI is in the format of: GB + VAT Number + 000

Details of how to apply for the EORI number can be found in the below link



Failure to provide correct information may delay your cargo and subject it to additional costs so please act now and consider what action if any you need to take. We will assist you in order to be prepared for Brexit, don´t hesitate to contact us.