Network agreement signed for the creation of the Technical-Professional Pole “Logistic Transport Farm”.

Today, Thursday 31 May, a network agreement was signed to create the technical-professional pole “Logistic Transport Farm”. The agreement was signed at ITIS Da Vinci by the schools I.T.I.S. “Da Vinci” of Parma, I.I.S.S. “Berenini” of Fidenza (PR) and I.S.I.I. “Marconi” of Piacenza. “Marconi” of Piacenza, the ITS Foundation for Sustainable Mobility and Logistics of Piacenza and the ITL Foundation of Bologna, the companies Lanzi Trasporti srl and Sani Trasporti srl of Parma and the company Alberti e Santi Srl of Piacenza, the Unione Parmense degli Industriali and Confindustria Piacenza, Fai Emilia and the training agencies For.P.In. of Piacenza and Cisita Parma.

Fondirigenti High Skills focus group for the logistics sector

Within the project “EXPERTISE ROAD” Alberti e Santi participated on 16-04-2018 in the Focus group on the logistics sector.


PROMOTERS : Confindustria and Federmanager dell’Emilia-Romagna

PURPOSE : To contribute to respond to the needs of companies in terms of finding professionalism and skills that are particularly qualified and adapted to the changes related to Industry 4.0.

appropriate to the changes associated with Industry 4.0.


  • To identify existing needs not covered by the training courses of the regional Polytechnic Network (ITS, IFTS and Higher Education).
  • To develop a series of useful indications and tools for :
    1. those who design and deliver pathways within the Polytechnic Network, on the new training contents to be envisaged and developed in this area
    2. the adaptation of existing ITS pathways (by ITS Foundations) and the possible revision of the relevant ministerial standards (by MIUR)
    3. Universities, as regards the training contents to be provided and developed in the design and delivery of degree courses
    4. the Emilia-Romagna Region, in order to increasingly strengthen the consistency of public planning with the needs of the labour market and the production system.
  • Contribute to ensuring that companies are increasingly involved, in an organic and structured manner, in the design of training courses IMPACTORS: Reference training organisations of the Confindustria Emilia-Romagna system (FAV – BO; Assoform Romagna – FC and RN; Nuova Didactica – MO; FORPIN – PC; CISITA – PR; Il Sestante – RA; CIS – RE), Centoform, Federmanager Academy. Lead partner: CIS. The strong involvement of the ITS Foundations concerned is expected in every phase of the Project implementation.

From Germany to Italy for an internship period at Alberti e Santi

Alberti e Santi srl will host some students from #Gottinga (a city in Lower Saxony in #Germany) who have decided to take part in a period of “international school-work” alternation.

The cultural exchange project has been promoted by the Istituti d’Istruzione Superiore “Mattei” of Fiorenzuola and “Berenini” of Fidenza, in collaboration with the German school BBS 1 Arnoldi-Schule.