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Social Report 2019

Alberti e Santi has presented its 2019 Sustainability Report, choosing to make a concrete and important commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). A renewed look for this document dedicated to the stakeholders of the territory – customers, institutions, employees, citizens – to offer a unified and transparent vision of the actions carried out in 2019 […]

Brexit – soft launch for UK Import

Busy week in Brexitland….  Some of the new processes mentioned below concern only the english importer.  We have given our assessment and will forward more detail as and when received. TRANSITION EXTENSION Whilst the deadline for requesting an extension is officially 30th June, the real date was 12th June (at least from the UK’s side). That has passed and UK […]

Coronavirus: Free movement of goods

With the Prime Ministerial Decree of 9 March, the Italian government extended a “Protected Zone” to the whole country, where people can only move for work or health reasons, while goods can move freely throughout the country and to the whole world. Alberti e Santi has immediately implemented smart working in all Italian offices so […]

BREXIT – The United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union

  As of 31 January 2020 (23:00 UK time), the United Kingdom has left the European Union. In the following text please provide some facts and information about BREXIT. (https://www.gov.uk/brexit) Regarding BREXIT the facts are as follows: The United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) will leave the European Union (EU 28) on 31 January […]

Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of the Organic Product

Our warehouse in Cortemaggiore, in order to be able to handle products of organic origin from customers who request it, has obtained Certificate of Conformity No. 289 of 19/03/2019 to EC Regulation 834/2007 on organic production to which the entire supply chain, including those involved in storage, must comply.  

We are dealing with Brexit and not worrying, we are ready!

On 29 March 2019 the UK is due to leave the European Union, becoming a non-EU country: this will have economic, logistical and control effects for citizens and businesses, both in the UK and the EU. In order to be ready for this change, Alberti e Santi has obtained the authorisation of “Approved Place for […]

Brexit – still no deal, but we are ready!

As is now well known to all concerned parties as of 23:00hrs on the 29th of  March, Great Britain will officially cease to be a member of the EEC; if as it is strongly believed there should be an exit without there being in place a trading agreement between the two parties i.e. A Hard Brexit  […]

Alberti e Santi renews certification as a member of Fedespedi

Fedespedi is the trade association that represents and protects the interests of almost all international forwarding companies. Over the years, Fedespedi has received numerous consensuses and its representativeness has consistently increased. The service available to members has grown over time and today the organisation has the following functions: To promote the analysis, knowledge and solution […]

Network agreement signed for the creation of the Technical-Professional Pole “Logistic Transport Farm”.

Today, Thursday 31 May, a network agreement was signed to create the technical-professional pole “Logistic Transport Farm”. The agreement was signed at ITIS Da Vinci by the schools I.T.I.S. “Da Vinci” of Parma, I.I.S.S. “Berenini” of Fidenza (PR) and I.S.I.I. “Marconi” of Piacenza. “Marconi” of Piacenza, the ITS Foundation for Sustainable Mobility and Logistics of […]